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    Let It Be

    Does LET IT BE, mean take action, or no action?
    Usually when I hear the phrase “Let it be,” I think of it in the context of something I need to walk away from or turn my back on. If someone makes you angry, sometimes it is best to just “let it be”. Somethings are so big, and out of control that you can’t change them, no matter how much you think about them, so you need to “let it be”. You can not change your family, politics, or how people think, so just “let it be”. You know what I’m talking about.
    BUT…this morning…. (side note, I am learning to facilitate a new type of results-oriented guided meditation. I will be offering this to my clients in private sessions and in groups soon, but for now, I am practicing it myself). BUT…this morning, I was contemplating “Let It Be.” and I realized a very opposite meaning of “Let It Be” than what is normal.
    What if, we put all of the things that we are meant to do, our destiny our purpose, into “LET IT BE.” Let it be so… What if, we decided to take action on our let it be’s instead of turning our backs on them?
    How often do you self sabotage your goals, instead of letting them be? Self-sabotage comes in many forms from physical actions to subconscious thought. But we do actively engage in self-sabotage. What if you could stop that, and let yourself have all of the abundances of all that life has to offer? Because it is here for you. Just LET IT BE.
    You were born into this world, in this lifetime, for a very specific reason. Do you believe in yourself and your destiny and can you let it be, or do you prevent it from happening, mostly because you do not believe in your self, or there is an underlying fear.
    What if you knew you could not fail? Because you can’t, even though we constantly try to prove that concept wrong. What if you actually did find your true success in letting it be?
    When you are manifesting, are you able to let it be? Seriously? Sometimes we meddle in our own manifestations by dictating the how and the when. But if we can detach from what our manifestations look like, and how they come to be…if we actively decide to let go and let be, then miracles happen.
    Do you want the best relationship possible? Let it be.
    Do you want to be rich? Let it be.
    Do you want to be wildly successful in your career or business? Let it be.
    Do you want to be healthy? Let it be.
    Treat “LET IT BE” as a verb. Actively, let it be. Set your intentions to LET IT BE. See it, imagine it, feel it, taste it… let it be.
    Get out of your own way, and let it be. Let it happen. Accept what is being given to you. Accept what you are capable of. Accept yourself. and LET IT BE.
  • Emotional Healing,  Physical Healing,  Spiritual Healing

    Nothing Happens To You, Everything Happens From You

    “Nothing happens to you, everything happens from you.”
    I am a healer. However, it is not in my wheelhouse to heal you.
    So, how do I heal? By empowering you to heal yourself.
    I am not in your body, you are.
    If you have “tried everything” been to every Dr., had every test, tried every alternative medical route, consulted every psychic, and still have not healed, are you are blocking yourself from healing?
    It is my job to discover those blocks, clear them, and then to fully support you along your healing journey. Continuing to identify and clear every aspect of your life that is keeping you from healing.
    Remember that all of your bodies- physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic, all have to heal. By incorporating and healing all of these parts of you, your physical body remembers its own innate ability to heal. You’ve got this!
    And on this journey, not only will you heal, but you will have a transformational experience. A new, better, healthier, enlightened, powerful you will emerge.
    Think of me as a transformational healing doula. There to support you, comfort you, and love you, every step of the way.
    P.S. If you want to discover what it will be like to have my support while you are healing, book a free CONNECT TO SELF CONSULTATION here. ====>https://leannemcclain.as.me/connecttoself