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How to Tap Into Your Intuition, Raise Your Vibration, & Support Your Immune System While Scrolling Social Media

This is a High Vibe Experiment. Have you noticed that some people have been “coming out of the woodwork” in what they believe about this virus? People seem to be free-err to express their opinions and beliefs. I guess that is what happens when lives and our mortality is threatened.
As usual, there are the polarizing political ideologies. There are really scary news reports. And don’t forget the conspiracy theories, about where the virus came from, the end of the world, and even the beginning of the world. As if we didn’t already have enough stress with all of this – quarantine, social distancing, lockdown, work from home, and so forth, the social media viral load is enough to make you sick.
Fortunately, it is also enough to make you well.
What a perfect time to tune into your body, your heart, and your intuition. Do this experiment with me.
As you scroll through your newsfeed or pictures, pay attention to how your body reacts to particular posts. You know that if you see a beautiful sunrise or a funny meme, you do not feel stress. These are UPLIFTING because they lift you up – they raise your vibration.
When that one person who always posts something derogatory about one political party, and your shake your head and want to say “that idiot” take a moment to feel your body collapse. Do your shoulders shrink in towards your heart to protect it? Does your spine collapse, even a little, or those stress spots on the shoulders get tight… Your vibration just went lower, your adrenals went active, and you increased the hormones of stress in your body.
When you read that the virus was started by maleficent humans (not innocent bats), or that everyone who is not woke is going to die, and you feel your fingers go to the keyboard, and start to comment… pay attention to how you feel. I find these posts to be the most scary, and they have the biggest effect on my fear buttons than any other post.
There certainly is plenty of news in your news feed too. Knowledge is power, and we need to understand what is happening and not ignore the facts. But now we also have to navigate whether or not the sources are trustworthy, slanted to one political ideology or the other, or are just plain untrue.
SO, instead of getting weighed down with all of this, unfriending people, or vowing to never go on social media again, instead, take this opportunity to tune in. Tune into your heart, your body, and your intuition. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!
Here is the experiment, and how to raise your vibration, which BTW’s will support your immune system.
-Be mindful of how different posts make you feel.
-Take a deep breath, focusing your attention on your heart energy center.
-Stay neutral when reading the post. Approach the post from a place of curiosity, and as if you are watching the scene on a movie screen.
-Activate the hormones of joy, compassion, and gratitude.
-Use your intuition by simply asking yourself, how the post makes you feel now.
    Do you want to read it? Do you believe it?
    Do you want to give the post more energy and good vibrations, or do you want to move on and let it energetically die off?
    Are you going to choose to wallow in the lower vibrations of fear and disease, or are you, in that instance, going to rise above it, and simply keep strolling?
Rising your vibration will also raise your immune system. It is one of the easiest, (and least expensive) ways to stay healthy. And as you consciously choose to raise your vibration for yourself, you are contributing to the collective consciousness of health.