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Navigating The Coronavirus From The Art Of Evolved Living

From both the human side and the spiritual side, the path to navigating the coronavirus is not new news, nor are they different. The virus has made its way into our energy systems, our spiritual bodies, our subconscious minds, and for some, our physical bodies. It just has. It is here.
However, this is a gift, an opportunity to practice what we all already know. To bring our spiritual practice into our physical world at an extraordinary rate. Merging, and not separating ourselves from either humanity, our soul or our spiritual being.
The medical side of me is fully aware that his virus is a real threat, and that people we know may die. However, the number of people that will be tested and/or diagnosed, stats about comparing it to other illnesses, and whether or not to wear a mask are all moot points. None of the conspiracy theories, end of the world predictions, or debating where it came from matter either.
Here are some thoughts to consider that do matter.
1. You are likely going to either get the coronavirus, know someone who will get it, and you may be called to care for someone who has it.
2. The survival rate is very high.
3. Don’t panic. We are all very well informed and smart people. Do not succumb to mass hysteria.
4. . .
1. Wash your hands (the virus can live on poop for upwards of 20-30 days).
2. Drink water throughout the day
3. Use hand sanitizers and wipes when available
4. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough
5. Don’t shake hands
6. Lysol kills the virus on surfaces
7. Stay about 6 feet away from other people if possible
8. Stay positive and practice gratitude. Stress can tax our immune system. You can control your stress by how much media coverage you watch, who you talk to, and how much you engage on social media.
9. Spend time in the sun, and get outside. It just makes you feel better.
5. .
1. Let people have their opinions
2. Buy toilet paper for your needs, and leave those extra packages on the shelf for your neighbor. The same for spray disinfectants, hand sensitizer, cold and flu medicine, pasta, and everything else.
3. If you, someone you know, your kids, etc have been exposed to someone who has it, or if they are showing symptoms, stay away from those at risk. What today is an annoyance or small inconvenience, could save a life.
4. If you are self quarantined or practicing social distancing, do it out of love for others, not out of fear of the virus.
5. Be creative in handling and navigating your situations. Use technology to stay connected.
6. Do not live in fear or give in to fear. Fear is a lower energy. This is an excellent time to create and live in the reality that you are in charge – because you are. Fear produces stress hormones (fight or flight). If we live in a constant state of fear, our adrenals will give out, and our immune systems become compromised.
7. You have the power within you to manage this well. Yes, the virus is contagious, but so is your sensibility, your attitude, your love, and your power.
All of the thoughts above are based on sound scientific footing. The medical intuitive side and healer part of me also has some insight I have gained by listening to and observing the virus. Keep reading if you are interested.
1. This is a high vibe virus. Many in the spiritual community have said that viruses are low vibe, dark, meant to bring us down, and so forth. Not this one. The coronavirus, which leads to COVID-19 (just like HIV leads to AIDS), is high vibe.
We are not meant to defeat the virus (fear), but rather, the invitation is to rise up to meet it. To envelop this virus. To join it. .
2. Raise your vibration.
1. Practice gratitude
2. Be compassionate
3. Have empathy
4. Think of your neighbor, and how your actions affect every other human on the planet.
5. Slow down, pause, re-organize.
6. Spend time in nature
7. Use the “downtime” to pray, meditate, and reconnect to the people around you.
8. Don’t try to suppress your negative feelings, but rather, navigate through them.
3. . .
1. Clean your house, clean your car, declutter, disinfect, take out the trash, eat healthily, care for your self, and those you love.
2. Clean up your mind, your body, and your soul. Live in integrity, be compassionate, weed out the bullshit in your life, remember what is important, honor your body.
4. . . , .
5. Use FB and social media to care for people, and show them compassion. Don’t argue.
6. Change your attitude if necessary. The more we take care of each other, the faster we will heal.
7. The virus is here to aid us in our ascension, where ever you are on the path.
8. View the presence of the virus as the tremendous opportunity it is, especially for us as healers. This is our call to action – to step up, step into what is greater than what we have seen so far.
9. We are all invited to step out of 3D and into higher dimensional ways of living.
10. Our DNA and our immune systems are getting an upgrade. Celebrate that.
This virus is powerful. More powerful than the common cold, or the flu. Do not underestimate it. It has the ability to be more deadly, and more prevalent than other respiratory diseases we have.
This virus has the power to bring entire cultures to its knees. It has already disrupted world economies and has already changed our normal daily lives. It also has the power to quickly help all of humanity to evolve and grow.
I am not afraid of the virus. I do not believe I am going to get sick, but if I do get sick, I’ll be OK. I also have a tremendous amount of respect and humility for this virus. I intend to fully step into ALL that it has to offer. AND, I am stepping up in vibration, not down.
We all have a choice here. To stay in lower vibrations of fear and panic and dis-ease, or to see this as a gift, and a direct path to a more evolved life.
How will you choose to manage this worldwide pandemic as it reaches closer into your neighborhood, your home, and your heart?❤️❤️