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Nothing Happens To You, Everything Happens From You

“Nothing happens to you, everything happens from you.”
I am a healer. However, it is not in my wheelhouse to heal you.
So, how do I heal? By empowering you to heal yourself.
I am not in your body, you are.
If you have “tried everything” been to every Dr., had every test, tried every alternative medical route, consulted every psychic, and still have not healed, are you are blocking yourself from healing?
It is my job to discover those blocks, clear them, and then to fully support you along your healing journey. Continuing to identify and clear every aspect of your life that is keeping you from healing.
Remember that all of your bodies- physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic, all have to heal. By incorporating and healing all of these parts of you, your physical body remembers its own innate ability to heal. You’ve got this!
And on this journey, not only will you heal, but you will have a transformational experience. A new, better, healthier, enlightened, powerful you will emerge.
Think of me as a transformational healing doula. There to support you, comfort you, and love you, every step of the way.
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