H.E.A.L Chronic Pain & Disease

Healing physical pain and disease is something that I am passionate about.
 In order to heal completely, you need to heal all of the aspects of self – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.  That is why I developed the H.E.A.L System, based on 4 cornerstones of healing.
  • Being Human
  • Healing Emotions generated from traumatic events and experiences
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Your souls Lifetimes

In order to fully heal, we need to approach our healing from the inside out.  When we experience a traumatic event, the emotions get locked into our bodies at a cellular level.  All of the pain, emotions, shock, and fear, are literally buried alive in our physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies. The path to healing with CRT is to heal these emotions and events.  This work is both holographic and hierarchal. 

While we are working together, you will be in a very relaxed state, but still 100% in control.  First, we’ll start with some basic energy clearing, aura strengthening, working with guides and angels, and calling back lost or fragmented energy – from all lifetimes, all space, all realms, and all dimensions. 

*Clients report feeling lighter, happier, and more empowered to heal their pain.

Then we heal experiences that you remember in this lifetime, and you will be able to release and clear all of the emotions, feelings, and experiences that are causing pain or disease.  

*Clients report defiantly experiencing less pain, fewer symptoms, and actual healing.

Going deeper, I will guide you to the root cause of having had the accident or developing the disease, and clear this experience.  This is similar to a past life regression, as the seed experience could have happened in another lifetime, in the womb, or in this lifetime. You will heal all of these experiences, feelings, and any deaths that resulted from these experiences – from your heart, your mind, your emotions, your soul, and your entire energy system.  You can also heal a disease that is passed down in your DNA. Because you are healing ALL lifetimes, you are also healing future lifetimes.

*Clients report being are able to function better in their daily lives.  Experiencing less pain, they are more be productive and are less irritable.

Often times we create contracts or agreements that no longer serve us or our higher selves.  When these are discovered, we can release and clear them too.  We change patterns of being in pain, patterns of creating pain or disease, and all of the beliefs you have developed around the pain or disease.

*Clients report that their relationships are easier, and they no longer feel attached to being a victim of their pain or disease.

With physical pain, I can talk to your subconscious mind and to your brain, and body systems, your heart, and your soul, and tell it to heal.  We clear and heal them from every cell, muscle, bone, gland, and organ, in your body.  From your muscular-skeletal system, your nervous system, your soul, and your entire energy system, so it no longer affects you in any way.

*Clients report that they are seeing their doctors less, and feel less dependent on their meds. 

The work is very deep soul level work. It involves accepting, understanding, and awakening to your own divinity and the power you have. You will be spending time in the quantum field and with the collective consciousness, where all things are possible.

Part of being human is to have the opportunity to evolve.  We are all creators of our own reality. This is your opportunity to undo all of the beliefs, habits, and patterns that no longer serve you. In turn, you will heal your disease, and chronic pain, and live in a pain-free body.

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