Heart Of Elijah Healing Session

The Heart of Elijah is a powerful, loving being and consciousness who works with us from the other side, to heal ourselves and the planet.

The Heart Of Elijah’s purpose is to

  • Teach
  • To transmute fear, despair, suffering, and pain in all forms into Love
  • To assist in our planetary evolution

In this session, you can

  • Clear Stuck Energy
  • Clear Mutated Energy in Relationships
  • Clear Fundamental Beliefs
  • Clear Feeling and Patterns
  • Receive a New Energetic Signature 

First, spend some time with Leanne figuring out what you need to work on. This is both an intuitive and conversational process.

Then, with the help of The Heart Of Elijah, Leanne will guide you into a deep trance-like state. Think of it as a guided meditation. Then with guidance, the clearing will take place, transmuting all of the ill energy into love. This is an interactive process. You are always completely 100% in control. Leanne is the conduit, but really you (your subconscious mind and your higher self) do the work with the Heart Of Elijah and the Angles of Love and Light.

The sessions are most effective if you are in a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed. Tell the people around you that you need some time for yourself, and settle into a nice comfy chair or couch. You will also need headphones.

After the session, you will want to practice self-care. Listen to your body, and drink plenty of water. You need to allow your body to catch up with the energy system frequency that has been changed.

This is Phenomenal Healing