I noticed my partner had been affected too

My session with Leanne was very powerful. I had an argument with my partner, even though it was over, I was still feeling shaken from the experience and reached out to Leanne for support. She led me through a process that was easy to relax and open to. I felt so light and fresh. Like I had just woken from a nap or got done swimming in a cool pool. As the day continued I noticed my partner had been affected too, he was relaxed and more present in his body. The most amazing aspect was that evening before bed I was falling asleep the light we called in was still in effect. I was unexpectedly guided to bless and forgive someone from my past that spontaneously came across my mind’s eye. I fell asleep feeling so nurtured by this love offering Leanne helped me tap into through the Heart Of Elijah.” –Reya