thank you for the tremendously loving work you do

I approached Leanne with an issue I’ve struggled with on and off for a very long time, belonging and connectedness. My spiritual practices have allowed me to find and flow through the undercurrents of my issue finding understanding and clearing to a certain degree.

On this particular day, I just felt blindsided by a trigger that came up when I thought I had made so much progress in the realm of “belonging”. Feeling so disconnected, I turned to Leanne for support and guidance. Leanne facilitated a “Heart of Elisha” healing for me. What I can say about that experience is that I went deeper than I ever have with myself and reached a place I can only describe as “The Aquifer” I understood that I had only been skimming through the undercurrents of my desired wellness, missing the deep well of truth and healing that was available to me, within me.

Aided and guided by Leanne’s work, I found my way there, and now have the sense of connection and belonging I was searching for, yearning for. I understand clearly what belonging truly means and was given a way to find and cultivate that connectivity. Thank You, Leanne, for your heart, presence, wisdom, and therapeutic neutrality. But most of all, thank you for the tremendously loving work you do that comes only from the beautiful woman you are.

With Sincerity from my Warm Heart,